4 Instagram Story Tips

4 Instagram Story Hacks

  1. Shoot Vertically

When taking a shot for an Instagram story, always shoot vertically. Instagram Story image layout is set to vertical so you want to use this to your advantage and use up all that screen real-estate!

Candid Creative

          2.   Use Instagram Story Filters

Instagram has some great filters that you can use. Filters help create a consistent theme throughout you stories.

For a photo that you uploaded to Instagram, simply swipe left on the image to access the filters.

When using the camera within the Instagram story, you can choose a filter before you take your photo or video.

Here are a few of my current favourites –

  • Palette01 by ya.molli
  • OATS AND HONEY by bryant
  • Vintage Paris by dasha.kochukova

            3.    Edit Your Photos

I put as much effort into creating an Instagram Story as I would with a regular post. It showcases your brand so why not make it look as best it can? 

  • I suggest taking the photo on your phone camera first. (The camera in the Instagram app isn’t the best..)
  • Upload your image to an editing app and adjust it until you’re happy.
  • Once the photo is edited to your liking, uploaded it to your Instagram Story!
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                 4.   Invest In A Stylus

Getting a stylus will seriously up your Instagram Story game. Using a stylus helps you create beautiful writing for your story. 

I’ve always found it difficult to move or adjust elements on my stories when using my finger but a stylus solves this problem.

Stylus’s are cheap and affordable. Once you start using one, you’ll never go back!

Candid Creative

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